Efik Eburutu of Nigeria    
Edidiana Edi Uforo


Obong of Calabar
Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi Otu V

You are welcome to the official website of the Efik people of Nigeria; a people located in the South-South geopolitical zone (Niger Delta area) in primarily two states of the federation, namely Cross River and Akwa Ibom. This site is official because the Efik are a monarchical group and as such any information about them must be endorsed by their constitutional monarch known and addressed as “The Obong of Calabar; Natural Ruler, Treaty King and Grand Patriarch of the Efik Kingdom”. In line with this therefore, we, through this site communicate to the world authenticated facts about ourselves willingly. The website shall address issues like origin of the people, their migration stories and why such migrations occurred; the transitory periods in different host communities and the founding of their settlements in present locations. The site shall shed light on the trado-religious organization and general monarchical framework of the people which a number of historians, local and foreign, have rightly/wrongly presented in time past. It shall present some of their lofty traditions, norms, values, taboos, customs and their culture in general, bordering on  language, art and philosophy. We will also, by this medium, address the Christianization of the people and correct most of the misconceptions about their role (s) in the great trans-Atlantic slave trade. Current events including their current monarch, ceremonies, homage, patronages and news updates shall be supplied at the site. It is expected that every Efik son or daughter as well as researchers of history residing anywhere under the globe will avail themselves of these information to enrich and corroborate their knowledge and research findings, and to keep abreast of current developments among the Efik people.